Of words and silence: The sound of fear

dark street

I was trying to solve this math problem with little to none progress, then when I was giving up I did receive this weird message.

“if you appreciate your friend, you better come at nine to the school, I will be waiting in class 3 second floor”

I read it three times and still could not believe it, I know there are actual scams that work this way, but it never happened to me before, and neither to anyone in my family.

“How could it be happening to me”

I said in a very low voice, right now I am in a coffee shop with no one of my close friends, I at least see one familiar face in the table to my right, normally the students of my school go to this shop, it is far enough from school and close to the clothing stores and gaming centers.

I try to ignore the message, but new ones keep coming. “When the clock hits five, I will call my home” I say to myself, but before that I receive a call, it is an unknown number.

“I should have called home…”

I talk in a more strong way, in part so someone would worry. Nobody seems to notice. I take my bag and hurry out of the shop, when I am just going out, a hand stops me by my shoulder.

“miss, hey, you still have not pay”

Says the girl with a funny face, half timid half angry. When she looks at my eyes, just for a second, she seems to notice the fear within me.

“Are you ok?”

She asks me, I kind of feel the urge to tell her everything, but other employee comes near us and I’m obliged to pay before I can say anything. Then they both go inside the shop while some other clients keep staring at me.

I start to walk, I don’t know in which direction, I just walk. The phone keeps ringing with this special sound for unknown calls, so I turn off my phone. When I calm myself a bit, I find a place where to sit for a moment, below a tree. I don’t know what time is it, maybe half past six, I do look around and I see a store.

“Nothing has happened… just call home”

I talk to myself before standing up and start walking towards the store, my voice was trembling more than I thought, even more than my legs.

When I reach the store, a group of students and a salary man are waiting for the owner to attend them. I search for a phone, and when I find it at the front, to the left of the owner, I have to make my way to the front. I am nervous, even more because I don’t know how to make a call from this public phone.

I take a little change from my pocket and my nervous fingers let the coins fall to the ground.


I say while I try to find the coins, the owner also helps me, when he gives me the coins, he then tells me that theĀ  phone does not work.

“I’m really sorry, if you want you can…”

The owner starts to say, but the salary man starts to complain, there are also other clients that have gathered in no time.

“yes, sorry sorry, then it is twenty seven dollars right?”

The owner goes back to his job, and I go back to the street. There are other stores nearby but I just rest against the wall, I am nearly crying.

“hey, you can use my phone if you want…”

One of the students, they seem two years younger than I, he offers me his phone. At first I only look at his hand and the phone, then I recover in some way, I clean the tears in my eyes and I put my glasses with renewed confidence, or so I would like to think.

“thank you… thank you so much”

I say while reaching for the phone, then I take out a book from my bag and I look for my mother’s number. I finally call her.


“yes? yale? what happens? where are you calling me from?”

“mom… I… I don’t know… these weird messages keep coming and I…”

“honey? wh… where are you now? are you ok? yale.. you are worring me… please”

“I… I’m near the coffee I told you about the other time… yeah… that one… I’ve walked to a near street I think… mom…Mom… I’m ok.”

“honey… yale… can I call you back to this number… “

I don’t know, I want to say, but that means… I would have to let go of my only connection with my mom, or I should turn on the phone again. I don’t want that.

“sorry… guys, can you stay with me until my mom comes for me?”

“uhm I don’t know…it is already late”

“we can… come on jake… don’t be a chicken”

“that is my phone… carl… what do you think?”

“whatever man…”

“The guys agree, I think”

“The guys… yale? what are you thinking, do you know them?”

“I don’t mom, they go to third grade I thing, at least they seem younger than I”

“honey… I’m on the car… I will be there in half an hour, don’t move from there ok? if you see a policeman you can ask for help and wait for me there, just don’t go to other place. ok”

“ok mom, yeah bye… yeah… yeah… ok”

After the call ends I tell the guys that my mom is coming in thirty minutes.

“I have to go this coffee in the gaming center”

“sure… no problem… we know that place”

Says jake without looking at me, then they start walking in front.

When we are near a dark street I stop and take a peek, there is a pile of boxes and many shadows that may just be flying there… and there is the shadow of a man, a shadow with no one attached to it, I want to scream but the fear is stopping me from doing so, it drags me… to the fear… to the shadow… and the silence.

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