The narrow beliefs of bored men

Empty streets represents solitude perfectly.

In my car I travel, so much to say, and even more to ignore, with bored men and no beliefs as companions, only I and the radio.

-The view across a dirty window may still be beautiful- they say- but…- they continue, “there is always a but” I think- … not today, nor when there is but a single window, too far away to complement it with our imagination. Today my window is too high in my cell, us prisoners have narrow beliefs, tiny hopes, and all of them wait through that window.

I reach my hand to the farther window to my right, and press the button to close that window. In a moment the crystal rises up, slowly, I keep pressing the button and at the same time keep my eyes in the front, “This is unnecessarily risky” I think. A click like sound happens when the window is completely closed.

-Finally- I say, letting a sigh escape my lips.

-…now for all you travelers mike sings us a nostalgic rock, for him at least, it says… the letter…- I turn off the radio at that moment, I remember a funny story of a man that almost crushed while trying to listen him sing.

I give side glances at my recent closed window, it is still as clean as I remember it to be this morning, in my last stop. My eyes explore the view behind the crystal, like if it were not the same view in front of me. Still, the more I watch the more I find the random stuff. The texture of this land, found in the space between buildings, in the stairs and the narrow streets.

The illusion ends when I am able to see my image in the window, and the same street still there. I look confused but it surely is an act, there is no surprise at all. When I look to the front I found a dog lying in the street, resting it seems, he stands and goes in a random direction when I press the horn.

-Damn it!- I shout, angry to myself, there was no surprise, just a boring understanding.

I did forget to turn off the self driving mode, even though it saved a dog it seems, and maybe myself, who knows?. It ruined the illusion, the belief.

-This car needs to be recharged soon.-says the assistant.

-I know!- I respond, still angry- Turn off the self-driving mode- I order.

-Are you sure?- she insists, a voice genuinely worried.

-I’m not.- I notice a more calmed voice in my respond, I know I’ve calmed down, it was really a trivial matter.

-Go to a near zone to recharge.- I order, letting go of the bad feeling, it is enough driving for today I decide.

-This zone is good enough.- she says. It only moved a couple meters.

-aaah- I exclaim, what a silly moment.

I open the door and stand there in apparent solitude, from people and from motion. I surround the car and find the public charger, I connect it to the car and walk off a couple meters.

-Turn on the radio.- I say and the sound fills the space.

-Narrow streets, narrow beliefs… they say, no buts.

I walk into the streets, maybe I can find some maintenance to do, who knows? Only bored men in the city, and narrow beliefs that extends infinitely.

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